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Next Mile Journal

Are you planning your journey to reach your destination?

Next Mile Journal

Next Mile is a journal designed to track your goals & help you reach your daily, weekly and monthly milestones. This journal is a tool that will help you to craft your morning routine activities by tracking and envisaging your ideal morning. Making the right start is key if you really want to get to the vital things.

Next Mile - your morning action tracker will help you to set out your intentions for each day and try to eliminate any activities you know tend to distract you from achieving them. Using Next Mile journal, you will start to practise morning habits every day & you will start noticing changes within yourself as you achieve milestones that will make you self-aware, happier and ready to conquer the world.

To strive in life all it takes is careful planning, mindfulness about how you spend your time and bit of self-discipline. Master that, and you’ll be amazed by how much you can fit into your daily schedule.

The tools & practises in Next Mile journal can help you push through and start making real progress towards success in your life. Following and practicing the principles of success will equip you to reach your personal and professional goals and live your dream life.

Journey of million miles begin with what you do in your ‘Next Mile’.